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healing happens quietly in the heart

Trauma happens. Healing also happens.

You can live and thrive in a different way.

The Trauma Recovery Place, located in Houston, TX, specializes in helping clients recover and thrive from complex trauma with care, compassion, and understanding.

Individuals who find their way to The Trauma Recovery Place often share a common frame of reference, “I have tried everything!”

If you have tried, Ketamine, ECT, TMS, multiple modalities of psychotherapy over extended years, meds/psychotropics, inpatient stays, experiential therapies or more, and you still have the feeling like you are forever in an abyss – in a constant state of feeling as if you are always drowning or worse, you feel there is something fundamentally wrong with you.

We can help.

Here at The Trauma Recovery Place we offer not only individual therapy but we also see clients in tandem, providing two regulated nervous systems during a session.  This is a more integrated approach to healing, as all aspects of the person is tended to simultaneously.




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