Depression Therapy

Depression TherapyDepression Therapist in Houston, TX

Depression is a side effect of Trauma

Depression is a side effect of trauma. The essence of trauma is chaos.  Trauma happens to us. Trauma is unwanted. Trauma is unexpected. Trauma disrupts stability. Stability is the essence of safety. There is no safety when trauma happens. We are left with feelings of fear and distrust for the world and all that lives in the world, including our relationships. When we feel unsafe we naturally seek safety. When we cannot trust the world or other people, we withdraw into our homes, into ourselves.

This natural urge to withdraw when scared runs counter to our need to be connected to the world and be connected to other people. We are social creatures. We are pack animals. Our interdependency have allowed for our species survival.

The combination of these two powerful impulses, withdraw due to fear and connect for survival, are fighting within the self producing feelings of helplessness and hopelessness long after the original trauma. This is depression.

You do not have to stay in this vicious cycle of pain and suffering. With therapy that combines insight into your behaviors, your beliefs and the sum affect on your biology, such as your brain and your nervous system, along with new skills, you can break free from this debilitating cycle. You can live and thrive as you were meant to do in the first place. Because thriving, being the whole you, offering your gifts to humanity is your birthright.